He’s an insensitive jerk. She is a superficial brat. They are awful to each other. They are even worse to other people. Mike and Valerie might just be the worst couple on earth.

It’s “Bad Love”, a show that celebrates the kind of love that exists between two people who live to torture each other and yet, can’t stop touching, or more accurately can’t stop making out in public. The Huxtables, they are not….

"blends the old-school sitcom style of Mad About You and a wicked reboot from such envelope-pushing TV comedies as It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
Episode 7: "Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold": An unscrupulous plan is hatched by Mike and Valerie to simultaneously take down all their enemies and restore their former way of life.
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Disclaimer: All the events in this show actually happened and are based on people we know and dislike.